Healthy for you and the environment

Healthy for you and the environment

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I recently was able to try a brand new product by a brand new company called Kapuluan in exchange for my honest review.

Being a long time user of coconut oil I have tried my fair share of brands and was excited to be able to try Kapuluan organic cold pressed raw coconut oil.

After watching a short video on the company’s website I am not sure if I am more excited about how much I actually love the product or how excited I am at what purchasing this product is doing for the communities where the organic farms are in the Philippines. Every single time one tube is purchased, a coconut palm tree is planted in the Philippines. That to me is just one good reason to make the purchase. I found out from the statistics on the website that 6 out of 10 of the coconut farms live in “neck deep poverty” with no hope in the near future. Being one of the world’s largest distributors I believe that they deserve a better life and a better way of living.

coconut oil in a tube

I loved the fact that this product came in a tube that I can squeeze out exactly how much I need at one time. In the past I have only found this product in jars or containers and normally have to rub it enough to get it to melt onto my skin. I use this product for so many different things such as cooking, lotion, makeup remover, hair mask and I even apply it to my yorkies hair to give her coat a nice shine!y

As you can see in the picture above, the coconut oil makes my skin shine!  Coconut oil makes a great body moisturizer and leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

I will continue to purchase this product and will rest easy knowing that each time I do I am not only helping out someone in need, a new tree will go up in exchange.

You can find the products on their website.


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