He stays up so late

 He stays up so late

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My son had summer school during the month of July. It was great because it gave me a few hours to get work done. This was the first full week of no school. Our sleep schedule has really suffered because he is staying up late, which makes me stay up just as late. In turn, we wake up later, which cuts into my work day.

I like to wake up and do a little blog work, such as check emails, check the blog and social media.

I also prefer to workout in the morning. I have the most energy in the morning. This past week, I am working out in the afternoon. I also prefer the morning hours because it is cooler and not as humid. By the afternoon, the sun is out and the humidity is pretty high.

I am determined to get back on a better sleep schedule. We have used melatonin in the past with our son. We have the tablets that dissolve but he’s on to us and won’t take them anymore. He loves his gummy vitamins and gummy bear candy. I decided enough is enough. I need my sleep, quiet time and sanity. I found melatonin in gummy form, so I ordered them!


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I am looking forward to when my son goes back to school. It will be nice to have more time for work! He loves school. He loves riding the bus and the routine he has with school.

Wish us luck that he will take these in the evening. I would like to start going to bed and waking up at earlier times. Do you have a preference of a bed time and waking up?

While I enjoy “sleeping in” I am unable to do it every morning.

Do you follow a sleep schedule with your kids? How many hours of sleep do you get on average every night?


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