Gotham Premiere

Gotham Premiere

Photo Credit: Fox

Did anyone else watch the Gotham premiere last night? I decided to watch it because of all the commercials and talk about the new show. It looked interesting and wanted to check it out. To preface, I am not much of a comic book or Batman fan. I have seen the Batman movie and that is about it.

I am always excited for new shows, but hesitant to get too invested in them because they always seem to cancel the shows that I like. I think Gotham has a lot of potential, especially for the star power. There are two big named actors starring in the show: Jada Pinkett Smith and Ben McKenzie.


Photo Credit: Fox

I watched the Gotham premiere last night because there really wasn’t anything else on that I wanted to watch and we do not have a lot of channels to watch. My husband also watched the majority of the episode with me, so that was exciting for me. I love watching television with my husband because he rarely watches anything with me.

So far, I like the characters of the show. I do not quite understand who the characters are, so I hope to keep watching and find out more about them. The storyline was a little difficult for me to follow since I am not a huge fan of Batman or familiar with the entire background of the characters. I plan on watching the first episode again just so I can get a better understanding.

All in all, the premiere episode definitely kept my attention. I look forward to many more episodes. I hope my husband will watch more episodes with me as well.


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