Good Cooking Salad Maker

Good Cooking Salad Maker

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I recently had the opportunity to try the Good Cooking Salad Maker. I am trying to add more salads to my daily routine. Usually I have a big salad for dinner because I am not too hungry in the evening and a salad is perfect. I received the Good Cooking Salad Maker to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

I originally chose to receive the salad maker because I wanted a quick way to grate things. I like to make homemade laundry soap. A biggest part of that processing is grating soap. As soon as I received the Good Cooking Salad Maker, I wanted to put it to the test. I decided to make another batch of laundry soap to have on hand. I grated the soap in just a few minutes!

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I must say, I am amazed at how easy the Good Cooking Salad Maker is to use. It is incredibly easy to change blades. So, when I do use the Salad Maker to make a salad, I can easily change the blades to cut my vegetables quickly and efficiently. My husband loves salads, so I really should use this to cut fresh vegetables and make a big bowl of salad for us. If there is salad already prepped, he will eat it.

The salad maker will cut your prepping down tremendously! It literally takes a few minutes to use.

My husband and I like to make homemade salsa. He is excited to use the slicer blade to slice tomatoes. He said slicing the tomatoes always takes forever! I am excited to see if we can use the salad maker to help cut down on other tasks of making salsa. We have not made our salsa in awhile because it always takes so long to do.

Now that we have the Good Cooking Salad Maker, I can see us eating healthier. It will make cutting our vegetables much easier and less time consuming.

You can find Good Cooking Salad Maker on Amazon.

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