Get ‘Touch Me’ Skin With Shea Butter

Get 'Touch Me' Skin With Shea Butter

Let’s face it – your skin takes a beating every day. UV rays, dry winter air, cosmetic products, and even pregnancy can leave our skin dry, scarred and wrinkled. Shea butter is an easy way to keep your skin in optimal condition.

Raw Shea butter from actual African companies like EugeniaShea has anti-inflammatory properties. It also is high in Vitamin A, which aids in disinfection, and vitamin E, which promotes healing of chapped and broken skin. Apply Shea butter to cracked and chapped lips at night before bed to see results by morning. You can apply it all through the day to keep lips fresh and soft.

Glide Shea butter on your skin to help prevent wrinkling, crows feet and even the dark circles under your eyes. Generously applying it to knees and elbows will help to keep your age a secret. Shea butter can even lighten those dark spots on your arms and face. Use this instead of those expensive creams sold at the fancy cosmetic counters.

Did you burn yourself in the kitchen or suffer a bad sunburn after tanning? Liberally apply the soothing Shea butter on the burns. The disinfecting properties will help keep the skin from scarring while the Vitamin E and A will help your skin to heal faster. Use the Shea butter on small cuts and abrasions – even poison ivy and dermatitis, to promote healing.

Guys will love the smooth shave they get when they lather on the Shea butter instead of shaving cream. Less nicks, no rashes or embarrassing bumps – just smooth skin that women can’t keep their hands off of. Likewise, women will love the silky feel of legs that have been shaved with Shea butter. Soft, supple skin always looks good.

Is your hair fly-away dry? Do you have brittle hair and broken ends? Is your scalp itchy and tight? Shea butter to the rescue! Use it as a deep-conditioning treatment. Apply it from the roots to the ends and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water. The Shea butter moisturizes without leaving a greasy residue. You can also apply a small dollop daily to your hair after washing it. Use it in place of a conditioner for shiny hair. It repairs split-ends and the damage caused by hot irons, blow-dryers, and curlers.

Do you have rough or cracked heels? Is athlete’s foot a problem for you? Use Shea butter to heal and protect these out-of-the-way places. Rubbing Shea butter on cracked heels will moisturize and soften the tough skin, while the vitamins will help to heal it. Shea butter feels so much better on tender broken skin than those sprays that set your feet on fire. Your skin is already itchy, split and raw from the athlete’s foot – why would you subject it to the painful sprays? Shea butter will help to relieve the pain and itching while also healing the area.

Keep Shea butter in your first-aid kit and in your beauty bag for instant relief and moisturizing.


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