Get Motivated through Music

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Get Motivated through Music

I first got into fitness when I was about 19. I was living in a small studio apartment and I downloaded a few workout videos. I loved exercising because they usually had music playing in the background. These days, when I choose workout programs, I enjoy doing them because of the music in the background. Now, my husband and I have a treadmill in our living room. I have no excuse to workout. I can jump on the treadmill and start walking.

With our treadmill, I don’t have a video that I exercise with, so I usually put my phone on the stand with me. I can listen to music or watch Netflix. When I listen to music, it helps keep me going. I am more likely to stay on the treadmill longer when I am listening to my favorite music.

I do not use a specific tracking device except for the screen on the treadmill. It tells me how many minutes, the speed and incline I am moving to. I prefer to measure my workouts by minutes and how I feel afterwards. If I feel great and full of energy, I know I had a great workout! Before my treadmill, I had no idea how much music can motivate me.

Now that I use a treadmill to get my movement in, I want to find new earbuds that fit comfortably in my ears. The earbuds that came with my phone always fall out of my ears.


Have you heard of yurbuds? They sound like a product I need because they are “ergonomically designed for comfort and exceptional fit, while providing best-in-class audio quality and durability.”

Cut the cords and unleash your inner athlete with the Inspire Limited Edition Wireless Sport Earphones. These Stereo-Bluetooth® earphones lock in place comfortably so they never hurt and never fall out. The 15mm drivers provide the biggest sound available, providing the motivation you need to #neverstop. These sweat and water resistant earphones feature full track & call control with a wind-blocking microphone designed for call clarity. The athlete tested battery lasts up to 6 hours and provides visual and audible indicators when running low. This is sound with no strings attached.

Key Features:
· With yurbuds TwistLock™ Technology and FlexSoft Comfort Fit, these Stereo-Bluetooth® earphones lock in place comfortably and are guaranteed never to hurt or fall out.
· Bigger Sound for music and calls provided by 15mm drivers
· Smart Battery powers a week’s worth of workouts and provides visual and audible indicators when running low.
· Dedicated Pairing Button for simple 1-touch pairing.

yurbuds®, the #1 selling sport earphone company in the United States, is transforming the athlete experience with its new Inspire Limited Edition Wireless earphones to get you motivated through music. Launching at CES 2014 in Las Vegas this January, athletes and tech enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the first-ever Stereo-Bluetooth® wireless earphones guaranteed to never hurt and never fall out.

I love my smartphone but I really dislike using the earbuds that came with it. Every time I have tried to use the earbuds, they fall out of my ears, so I can never watch or listen to something when I want to keep the sound to myself.

As a health and fitness lover, I cannot wait to try yurbuds for my treadmill workouts! Are you ready to save on your purchase of yurbuds?

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Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.


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  1. They look very very comfortable.

  2. These do look like they would be comfy in the ears. Earphones tend to hurt my ears so I always wear the over the head ones. I would love ones that don’t hurt inside- My iPhone ones hurt! I will check them out and woohoo on the 20% code!

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