Get a Green Light on WordPress SEO by Yoast

Get a Green Light on WordPress SEO by Yoast

We all want to improve our SEO. WordPress SEO by Yoast makes it so much easier. Please use this tutorial to help guide you on how to set up each post to shine!!!

Step 1: Choose your title


Step 2: WordPress SEO by Yoast General Tab. Add your focus keyword and meta description. For the focus keyword, I use the title of my post. I have tried other variations and the only thing I have figured out is that if I use the blog title, the plugin gives me the green light.

Wordpress SEO General Tab

Step 3: WordPress SEO by Yoast Advanced Tab. Please choose “no follow.”

Wordpress SEO by Yoast Advanced Tab

Step 4: Add your Disclosure. Be sure to always add a disclosure, whether it is your own disclosure or you can use the plugin. This plugin makes it easy to choose which disclosure you want to use. If you do use the plugin, always choose “above the content.”

Add your Disclosure

Step 5: Choose your categories. This is important because it helps organize our posts. We have tabs set up to filter specific topics and the homepage uses a few category topics to feature.


Step 6: Add your Media.

Add Media

Step 7: Choose your picture. In the “Alt Text” field, add the title of your post.  Use “large” or “full size” on your pictures.  Facebook, blog lovin’ and other social media can capture your picture when it automatically posts to the page.

Insert Media

Step 8: Insert the “more” option near the beginning of your post. I usually do it after the first paragraph.  Other bloggers do it in the middle of their post.  It’s up to you.  I use this option because it creates a “teaser” for our readers and then they have to click further to see the rest of our posts.  When our posts are sent out to our email subscribers, they have to click through the email to get to the blog.  When you don’t use the “more” option, they can read the entire blog post from their email, which means no traffic to the blog.  We want our readers to click through to the blog.

MORE Option


Be sure to follow the tutorial of How to Successfully Add Pictures and Utilize Alt Text and How to use Meta Description.


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