Gentle Glycerin Soap

Gentle Glycerin Soap

My family and I have dry and sensitive skin. Our son suffers from eczema and my husband has recently started having eczema as well. When I was asked to try Gentle Glycerin Soaps, I quickly accepted. I received van der Hagen’s new line of Gentle Glycerin Soaps in four scents: Fruity, Floral, Fresh and Free (clear/unscented) to review.

A few soaper powers of Glycerin:

• Hydrates skin through the moisturizing process of pulling water from the air and the surface of your skin

• Immediate, long-lasting skin softening benefits

• Promotes elasticity for more supple skin

• Protects skin and aids in healing wounds

In addition to having dry skin, we are always using lotion right after bathing. We have been using the Fresh glycerin soap for a week now. The scent is mild which is perfect for us. My husband does not have to worry about smelling like a soap shop.

The size of the soap is hardy and does not get soggy and soft after each use. I especially love that they do not get soggy. Our bars of soap will last longer in the shower. We love the bubbles and how soft and clean we feel afterwards.

What I love about the Gentle Glycerin Soaps is that they are all natural, which means they are gentle in our skin and the environment.

After a week of using the Gentle Glycerin Soap, my skin is less dry to the touch and feels smooth and protected.  My husband is also happy with how moisturized his skin feels.  Usually he is left itching like crazy and his skin appears dry.  When my husband is happy, I am a happy wife!

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