Why I Won’t Ever Live Without At Least One

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

Robert A. Heinlein

Pets. I can’t imagine my life without them. Ever. They love unconditionally, in a way that no human can. Not your Mom or Dad. Your husband or wife. Your children. Humans, even those who don’t hold grudges or have certain expectations of their loved ones, can love so openly as a pet can.

Why I Won't Ever Live Without At Least One           Jaci May 2015

Charles is a Golden Retriever. Jaci is a Beagle-Jack Russell mix. If you enter my property they will howl and bark and sometimes growl like they might tear you end from end. Until you come within good smelling distance, then they will crowd around you bouncing and yipping with tongues hanging out.

CoCo 2007

Make no mistake about this one. CoCo’s my hunter. She will bring her catches to the back door and meow (without dropping her kill) until I come see it and congratulate her. Only then will she settle down and eat it. And she’s an awesome snuggler, too.

Princess 2015

Princess is our resident elder at 14 years old. She once was a mighty, mighty hunter. And a very good Mama cat, too. These days she doesn’t leave the house often, though she will sometimes venture out on one of the decks with me.

Minx 2015

Minx is the newest edition to the family, adopted from the local animal shelter a few months ago. She is a spunky little thing and will only love on you on her terms, when she feels like it. And when you’ve made her angry, she’ll tell you with her eyes … and her tail (switch, switch). :0)

These are the current canine and feline inhabitants of my life. I’ve loved and lost many animals over the years. I miss all the departed dearly and still shed the occasional tear over them. Here are a few of those sorely missed souls:

Booga 2007 Joey 2010 Katie 2004 Maddie & Pups 2012 Pepper 2008

In order of appearance:

Booga (Siamese) – 18 yrs old

Joey (the king of the remote control)

Katie – a rescue who suffered from respiratory ailments

Maddie – her pups all found good homes long before she went “home”; we kept Jaci [pictured earlier in post]

Pepper (Lemon Beagle) – 3 yrs old

animal quote 1

RIP my lovelies & take care of each other in your afterlife.

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