My friend Kim

My friend Kim.

I used to have a friend named Kim.I cannot recall her last name, but I do remember how we met! I miss our friendship.

Looking back, I think that our friendship ending was the best thing. We started going in the wrong direction and I am glad I went the opposite way. I knew deep down that it was not the life path I wanted to take. It was fun at the time, but not for long term.

I met her my first semester in college and I was only 18. Kim was in her late 30s. She was divorced and had three kids, who lived with their father.

It was my first semester of college, my first class of the morning. We were only a few days into college. We were waiting outside of the classroom for the professor to open the door. There were about 10 or 15 students scattered outside waiting for the class to open. She walked up to me and introduced herself and informed me that she is running for student government and wanted my signature. She needed to college to many signatures to run for government. I had no problem signing her petition.

It was nice to have someone to talk to that morning. We quickly became friends and started hanging out. I miss her friendship. I would love to reconnect with her, but I don’t remember her last name. Although, it is probably best that we don’t. I had an ex-boyfriend try to reconnect with me. It appears he has not grown up and still in the bad crowd.

Do you have a friend from your past that you would like to reconnect with? I wish I had a picture of us, but this was before cell phones having cameras and before digital cameras.


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