Focus on the worker not your profit


McDonald’s (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (PC problems))

Dear Big Businesses,

Let’s work together to fix our economy. Try focusing on your workers, rather than fattening your bank account and wallet. I am sure your 2.3 kids’ college funds are covered; access to the best health care, 3 luxury cars, 2 houses and 3 vacation homes.

Are you still not making enough? Get over your greed!  If your workers are happy, your business will thrive.

The fast food industry and some retail companies have been under fire in the media for low wages.  Fast food workers are protesting because they are fed up.  How can one survive on the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour?  Imagine if you are a single parent working in the fast food industry.  How do you pay for daycare expenses, transportation, rent, school lunches, medical and dental for your family?

Just last week, McDonald’s made an epic fail and it just shows how out of touch they are with their own employees.  McDonald’s posted a holiday guide to tipping etiquette by Emily Post. McDonald’s pays their workers minimum wage and they are advising their workers on how to tip?! You can see the holiday etiquette tipping guide screenshot posted on their website.  I guess everyone knows that McDonald’s employees have the following on staff: nanny/babysitter, fitness trainer, housekeeper, massage therapist, pool cleaner, yard/garden worker.  Seriously?!

Here is another article from the New York Post regarding the epic fail made by McDonald’s.  By the way, the tipping guide has since been taken down from their website.

It seems McDonald’s execs are so focused on their profits that they are literally McClueless as to their own workers lifestyles and trying to make ends meet.


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  1. That is pretty crazy. You make some good points!

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