Fitness Friday 12/28

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I am now on Week 3 of Les Mill Combat!  I admit, the workouts are short, but very intense!  I had a rest day earlier this week, and ended up doing two Jillian Michael’s workouts.  They were only 6 minutes long, but they really kicked my butt.  I had to take a full day off from working out this week.  Since Christmas was this week, I took Christmas Day off.

I am still taking raspberry ketones and they seem to be helping me stay on track.  This week was pretty bad as far as eating healthy.  My husband bought ice cream and chips and unfortunately I had some chips and he even bought me my favorite ice cream!  I don’t always eat junk food, so I don’t feel as bad.


My son is still on vacation from school.  He loves watching me workout and I have to be careful when he’s in the room with me.  Sometimes he likes to workout with me, otherwise, he knows to sit back.

Do you workout?  How do you stay motivated?  What workout program(s) are you doing?

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  1. Debbie McMullen says:

    Wow you’re good! I barely worked out this month and I’m sure gained a few lbs with all the baking and cooking! Im scared to go near the scale until I’ve worked out again at least 2 weeks now, lol

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