Fitness Friday 1/18

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I missed last Friday’s post for Fitness Friday!  I apologize for that.  I was sick and just did not feel motivated.  When I could, I took the time to catch on my reviews.  When I wasn’t blogging, I was sleeping throughout the day trying to get better.

Last week, I missed two days of workouts due to being sick!  I felt so guilty both days!  I decided to re-start Week 5 of Les Mills Combat just so I can get the full benefit of the workout program.  Plus, I forgot which day I left off on.  I just love the Combat workout so much!  I feel so energized afterwards!  I always feel like I can take on the day and get things accomplished.  After my workout, I do my blogging and then I leave the afternoon to my free time.

So far for this week, I am on track with my workouts.  I am in the middle of Week 5!

I am still taking my Raspberry Ketones every day.  I take it twice a day still.  It is best to take Raspberry Ketones along with exercise.  Don’t just depend on a “magic pill” to make the weight go away.  It also takes exercise!  I have not noticed any negative side effects and it doesn’t disrupt my daily activities.

What supplements do you use?  What protein shakes do you like?  I am currently drinking Shakeology and love it.  I am not sure if I can afford to keep buying it.  I also take other supplements to help with energy, I always need an extra boost in the morning.  It gives me a kick to get my workout out of the way, blogging and anything else I need to do.


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  1. Love the purple weights i actually have the 2lbs i guess i need to upgrade soon, anyways thanks for the blog I know this takes time to post.. <3

  2. I have heard that Shakeology is amazing, but I looked into it and I couldn’t afford to start. I am not taking any weight loss supplements, but I am still plugging away. Being sick is awful and it is hard to get back into a routine. Looks like you jumped right back in, great job!!

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