First time visit to Stride Rite

First time visit to Stride Rite

This past weekend, we went to Stride Rite. My son was in need of new shoes. We never know when he needs new shoes or clothes as he does not communicate his needs, unless of course he is hungry or thirsty.

I wanted to get new shoes for my son because it had already been several months since I bought him a new pair. Also, I had noticed the way he was walking did not look healthy. Like his mom, he does not have arches, so his feet were walking inwards. His whole legs were leaning inward as he walked. I was considering getting him arch supports but I cannot imagine where to look for them in his size. Plus, his feet grow so fast. We do not have health insurance, so we really cannot afford to go to a podiatrist.

My mother-in-law told me about Stride Rite. Thankfully, we have a Stride Rite at our local mall. We were immediately greeted by the store manager. I told him our issue. He measured my son’s foot and knew immediate what shoes he could wear. We chose Velcro shoes because my son has special needs and Autism.

As soon as my son tried on his new shoes, he had a huge smile on his face and he immediately starting running around the store and even in the backroom. The manager took it all in stride. He informed me that kids run back there at least once a day. The manager was extremely helpful and I am so thrilled to find comfortable shoes for my son.

I cannot wait to buy my son’s next pair of shoes from Stride Rite. I am really impressed with the customer service we received. This was our first visit and I will continue to shop there for my son’s shoes.


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