First time in Eight Years

If you are a regular reading, fan and follower of my blog, you know that my son has Autism. Yesterday was his first visit to the dentist. We have been putting it off for years mainly because we never could afford to have dental insurance or we just did not have the money to pay for a visit. Last month, my husband and I had our first dentist visit in a decade.

First, I chose the dentist that I did because I was under the impression that they offered numbing or some type of gas to help calm my son. My husband and I already know that our son will not sit still nor would be patient to go through a teeth cleaning. Unfortunately when he finally got into the dentist chair, I was informed that they do not offer that for teeth cleaning! That is why I chose that dentist!

When we first arrived, I realized that the office was in a part of town that was not the best. The waiting room was packed. I felt like they scheduled their patients in groups of 5 at the same time. We waited an hour and a half before we were called back to the dentist chair. Thankfully, the waiting room had televisions playing cartoons.

Overall, I was not happy with the wait time, or the lack of gas not offered for our son. It took us over two hours to finally get out of there. I may just switch him to our dentist, that way it is all in one office. I do have to say that the staff was so great! They were so nice and patient with our son. Our son was not happy with getting his teeth cleaned. They let him play with some of the handheld tools (the water sprayer and the liquid sucker).


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  1. Michelle H. says:

    I really hate going to the dentist. I hope that you find a dentist that can cater to your son’s needs.

  2. Wendy Pence says:

    Poor little guy! I would definitely use this time between cleaning appointments to look around for a new dentist for him. Perhaps you might try a method I have heard about with younger kids, where they start taking them in to the dentist at a very young age but the dentists don’t clean their teeth they count the teeth and then praise the child on how big their getting with all these new teeth. Then the child stays to watch their parent get his/her teeth cleaned to become familiar with the procedure and the surroundings. It’s more relationship and trust building than actual dental care at that point, but I’ve heard people say it makes a huge difference when it’s finally the child’s turn to get their teeth cleaned. I think your son is still young enough that he may be able to just watch you get yours done without having to get into the chair himself for a visit or two. They think it’s neat that Mommy or Daddy gets a “present” (toothbrush, paste, whatever) & many dentists will have a treasure box of sorts that kids can pick out a small toy or a sticker after they’re finished with teeth cleaning as a reward to doing so well. I realize autism presents an additional set of challenges on top of kids just being kids and being restless and all that. I really hope you find a great dentist for him because dental care is really important for everyone (child or adult) & I’m so happy you all have the opportunity to go now!

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