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Our first night in our new apartment was great overall. Our son loved exploring our new home. My husband set up our computers and the television so that our Netflix and internet were ready to go.

I am working on unpacking everything. I put our clothes away. The kitchen is unpacked. We hope to rearranged everything to make it more efficient and easier to find everything.

Thankfully, our son is adjusting to the move really well. He is going with the flow and the whole move isn’t bothering him. He loves the new place.

Our first night in the new apartment was exhausting. We were tired from moving our furniture earlier in the day. I went to bed early. The phone rang twice during the night and it woke me up both times. However, both calls were much needed. It was my husband’s work calling him in for extra hours this week. Right now, he works part time on Friday and Saturday graveyard shift. Any additional hours are much needed. He ended up taking an extra four days of work. One of those days is only 3 hours and the rest of the days are split shifts. Hopefully, this will all lead to many more hours.

Our son did not want to go to sleep. He was too excited about the new apartment. He was running around all night and just wanted to stay up with Daddy. They finally came to bed around 1am.

Since it was our first night, our son was excited and nervous at the same time. He stayed close to his Daddy during the evening. As the days go by, he seems to be getting used to the move.

We love the set up of our new home. The living room and den are in the front part of our home and the bedrooms are in the back. Since there is so much space in between, I barely hear what is going on in the living room when I am trying to sleep. I love that we now have a den, which is where our computers are set up. Now we can have our son in the living room while we are on the computer and vice versa.

I am very happy that we are finally moved and getting settled in.


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