First day of Third Grade

First day of Third Grade

This past weekend, we gathered our son’s school supplies together. I wanted everything to be ready to go on Monday morning to prevent any unnecessary delays. I wanted to leave early so that we would get me to work in time and have plenty of time for my husband to take our son to school.

Yesterday, we went to Best Buy to get a new microwave. Our old microwave broke over a week ago. During that time, we had to make food using the stove or oven, so that really limited our choices. We survive using the microwave because it’s so convenient and fast!

I have seen other parents have their kids hold a sign that says “First day of ___ Grade.” I thought it was a cute idea, so I found a printable sign for my son to hold while I took his picture. It was so funny to try to get him to stand still while I took his picture. I had to show him how to hold the sign and I got a great picture of him holding it. I also had to get him to hold the sign steady. I literally had to take 20 different pictures until I found a few that looked adorable. He either kept dancing around, flipping the sign around or something else. It was fun taking his pictures because I can always send them to his grandparents to see.

I am excited for my son to be back in school. He really does love going to school, he loves the routine. Plus, it keeps him busy during the day. He gets to be around other kids and his teachers are really sweet.

I am also glad that he will now have to wake up at a certain time and we have to leave earlier than we have been. I like to get to work early. It gives me a chance to settle in and get a few things done before work.


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