First Day of School

First Day of School

Today was my son’s first day of second grade! For the last month, we have been preparing for this day.

We bought him new clothes because he grew out of his old clothes. We like to buy them a few weeks before school, that way he can get used to wearing new clothes. Having Autism, he does not like change. He likes wearing the same type of clothing, so introducing new clothes can be a challenge. While we were shopping for his clothes, we would show them to him in the store and he either liked them or did not. He definitely let us know if he did not like them. This year, he is wearing stripped polo shirts in addition to his regular solid color polo shirts. He looks really cute in stripped shirts!

Yesterday, we also bought him his school supplies at Target. His teacher gave us the list of school supplies needed, so we bought everything he needed.

My husband and I were looking forward to this day. My husband can now focus on working on law school and other things while my son is at school and I am at work. I work full time during the week and my husband works part time on the weekends. Thankfully, our work schedules work out perfectly with having one car.

The first day of school came upon us and our son did not seem to want to go. He was nervous the entire morning. My husband said he did fine and even said “bye bye” when he left his classroom.


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