First Day of Work

First Day of Work

Today was my first day of work at my new job.  I arrived super early and luckily another worker found me waiting in the lobby of the office (you need a badge to enter the office area).  Since I was there early, I was prepared to wait for my new manager.

I was scheduled to come in at 8am.  To make a long story short, my direct manager did not come in until 8:30am.  During that time, I sat with a co-worker to observe.  It gave me a chance to see what the job entails.

A little over an hour later, I was sent to the computer lab to fill out a few forms and watch a few slide shows on the computer with the Human Resources rep. I was also given a tour of the building as well.

When I returned to my work area, I was told I would need to go to the main Human Resources office in Downtown, I had an appointment at 3:30pm.  After that, I was told that I could go home for the day.

Without a computer login and password, I was unable to get on my own computer.  The rest of the day was spent observing my co-worker until I had to leave for Human Resources.

The work environment is a typical office setting.  Very laid back, but business professional.  The work pace is very different from what I am used to.  The actual job of answering phones is easy and comfortable work for me.  I have worked in hotels as a phone operator and miss that type of work.  I love answering phones and helping people over the phone.  I can see that learning the computer programs may take some time for me to learn.  They work with at least 10 different programs on two computer screens at one time.

I love working in an office.  I have my own desk, my own work area.  I cannot wait to add a few plants to my desk!

My work area is very plant friendly, so I am very excited about that.  I love plants.  They always brighten a room and clean the air.


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