Finding My Motivation

Finding My Motivation

I am embracing being a full time stay at home wife and mom. Now that I am no longer working full time, I am focusing on finding my motivation with a fitness routine. Before I started working full time, I was doing a variety cardio workout programs. I would rotate my fitness programs to where I would do a round of one program and start a new one.

When I was working, I felt like I had no time to work out as I was so exhausted by the time I got home. I did notice that I wasn’t feeling as motivated when I was working. There was a lot of stress and worry.

For the last month or so, I have been slowly getting back into fitness. I started with yoga for a week and then did pilates the next week. All the while, I have been feeling dizzy here and there. It felt like a mild version of vertigo. I have been taking it easy between the vertigo and building my strength up.

Two weeks ago, I started using my salt lamps. I keep one at my bedside and leave it on all night. I have one in our living room and leave it on when we are in there. I try to have a salt lamp on in any room I am in. I feel like it is helping me to feel better. I have been dizzy free for several days now.

Since I haven’t experienced any dizziness, I started Turbo Jam last week. I am working my way through the second week. I am building up my stamina and motivation. I am feeling better about myself and hope to see changes in my body soon.

Since I started working out again, I am feeling better about everything. I am working on being positive and staying positive about things in general. I really do think that everything will work itself out.

I find myself motivated to get back into shape because I am tired of looking at my body and seeing the “before” picture. I want to see the “after” picture every time I look in the mirror. Also, I am tired of my clothes feeling tight! I really don’t want to buy new clothes because I can’t fit into them. I am motivated to feel great about myself again.


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