Fashionable Way To Protect Your Bag

Fashionable Way To Protect Your Bag
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You would think living in Arizona, it would be hot. It’s the desert, right. Hot and dry. Living in Arizona with the very hot sun, I have learned a few surprising things.

First, it gets cold for a few months out of the year!

Second, it rains. Yes, it does rain in the valley of the sun!

Just last week, we had four days of pouring rain. This gave me the opportunity to not only use The Gussy but show it off to my co-workers.  The Gussy really saved my purses and now my co-workers are envious!  You see, my messenger bag is made of suede and I also have a Military purse. Both purses hold my essentials I need for my work shift.

The great thing about being equipped with The Gussy in my bag is that I will not have to worry about my purse or the items I haul around when it is raining. I cannot even count the numerous times my purses have absorbed water from rain! If you have fabric purses, you know that the rain leaves a stain. This ends up discoloring the fabric and does not look good at all. This makes my bags lose their value. Who wants to have a gorgeous purse only to have it ruined by the rain?

The Gussy is made of waterproof polyester to keep your bag dry and looking fabulous and stylish. Right now, The Gussy has six different styles to choose from and they are beautiful. I received the Jenny, which is a dark blue and white Chevron print that is all the rage right now. The cover is very simple to put on your bag.

Here is how to use The Gussy:

Step 1: You start by undoing the velcro at the top of the bag

the gussy

Step 2: Slide your purse handles up

gussy over coach

Step 3: Re-attach the velcro securely in place

all covered

Step 4: You’re Done

I love that The Gussy will cover just about any bag that I have in my closet and it certainly is a great feeling that my bags are protected when it rains.  No need to worry about the weather outside.

I do not have to be limited to just one cover either because The Gussy Brand offers six different patterns and planning on offering many more prints!  I am so thrilled to have found The Gussy!  The prints are so pretty!

How do you currently protect your purse from the weather? What are your thoughts on The Gussy?

You can find The Gussy on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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