Fall Tuscan Pear Cleansing Conditioner

Fall Tuscan Pear Cleansing Conditioner

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When I was asked to try Wen products, I quickly accepted! I have always wanted to try the product line! I have seen the commercials and always wondered if they really work! I am most impressed about the fact that the products are great for any hair type! I received a sample product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

WEN® Fall Tuscan Pear Cleansing Conditioner is a limited edition blend that eliminates the use of stripping agents, detergents, harsh chemicals and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates so that your hair and scalp maintain their natural essential oils. Nourishing your hair with our exclusive Honey and Four Tea complexes, along with extracts of pear and rhubarb helps you achieve the healthy, beautiful, bouncy, manageable hair you always dreamed of. WEN® Fall Tuscan Pear Cleansing Conditioner is perfect for all hair types.

I received Wen Fall Tuscan Pear Cleansing Conditioner to try! I read a little about the product and so excited to learn that the product can be used as a shampoo, conditioner or a leave-in conditioner. I remember my mom bought a salon brand conditioner that was suitable to be used in the shower or as a leave-in conditioner. I am so amazed that the cleansing conditioner can replace three products.

Beauty Brite Wen Before/After

When I received it, I wanted to wait until the weekend to try it. I tried it on Friday evening. I noticed a difference right away. Wen has the same texture and feel as conditioner. While the cleansing does not suds up, it is thick enough to apply to all over my long hair and scalp! It was very easy to scrub my hair and scalp clean. My hair was easy to comb through afterwards. My scalp felt so clean. I feel like all the buildup has been washed away.

After using Wen for a few days, I am definitely a believer of this product! I am so amazed that my hair feels so lightweight. It has more bounce and shines so much!

You can find Wen Fall Tuscan Pear Cleansing Conditioner on Amazon.

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