Experiencing hard times

My family, shelter, our health, and my blogs are the things I am so very thankful for.  My husband and I have been unemployed for far too long.  Back in late 2007, we had to leave our house and move across the country to move in with the in-laws for about 4 years off and on.  We have been living in our own place again for almost a year and still unemployed.  Trying to make ends meet has been difficult.

We are the 99%!

Experiencing hard times

Today, we went to a food pantry for help with food.  We took home two plastic grocery bags worth of food.  We hope to ease one of our biggest expenses, our grocery bill.  We are only allowed to visit once a month so I plan on calling other food pantry locations to find out when they are open.

I hope to find work somewhere soon.  I have experience working as an office assistant, fast food, retail and phone/PBX/switchboard operator.  I would love to find a virtual position or a work at home job.  Otherwise, I hope to work in an office or as a phone operator.  For now, I depend on my blogs to earn any income I can.  I love my job as a mom, wife and blogger, but unfortunately, it is not enough.


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