End of an Era

End of an Era

One morning last weekend, our son woke up, got dressed and went over to his little play station set up at the kitchen table to play with his sand. He received special sand to play with for Christmas. My husband and I realized how much is he is growing up and becoming more independent and less dependent on us. Our son is 8 years old and has Autism and Special Needs. Usually, he likes to be near one of us or take over the television. He likes to follow us from room to room too. He rarely goes into another room to play on his own.

Like I mentioned earlier, he received a little sand kit for Christmas. The sand is unlike regular sand; it sticks together and does not make a big mess. It still gets all over the place when he plays with it but we keep his play area in the kitchen where we can easily sweep up the mess. He loves the sand and goes over to play here and there throughout the day.

We love his new sand kit because he is learning hand-eye coordination; he’s learning to play on his own without one of us by his side, he gets to be creative with the sand and it gives us a little break. He likes to try different toys when playing with the sand. He will try different cups and containers; he likes exploring and experimenting with what works with the sand.

I wish we could get him a bigger sand play area for him. I have seen table play sets for sand. That would be so much fun and our son would love that. However, we live in a small apartment and I cannot imagine the mess he could make.

My son is growing up and we are still amazed at his milestones and how much he is changing before our eyes. He is growing up!


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  1. How neat that he’s growing up and learning to play on his own, and how great of you to let him do it. It sounds like that sand kit was a perfect gift. You are doing a great job raising your son!

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