End to an Era with Parenthood

End to an Era with Parenthood

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I started watching Parenthood when it first premiered six years ago. Parenthood was easy to relate to because of Max. As any Parenthood fan knows, Max has Asperbers Syndrome. Our son has Autism and I think Parenthood was the first show to feature a character with Autism on television.

Tonight, we say goodby to an era. Parenthood is a show about family. There are not many shows out there these days that deal with real issues that people can relate to. On Parenthood, we experienced job loss, college, different relationships, love, interracial relationships, adoption and more.

My husband and I are in an interracial marriage. We also have a biracial child. We do not see ourselves with either label. We just see ourselves as a family.

Parenthood dealt with real life family issues. The Braverman family is not always perfect and the characters experienced heartache. For every other show, it seems life is too easy for the characters.


I also found myself crying along with the characters. The dialogue was real, the experiences were real. Joel and Julia’s crumbling marriage hit close to home for me. Sometimes I feel like my husband and I are drifting apart. I really did not think Joel and Juila’s relationship would get so close to signing the divorce papers. I am so happy to see that they have reconciled.


Marriage is hard. Marriage takes work. Parenthood does not sugarcoat any of the relationships.

Parenthood has come full circle with the birth of a Braverman grandchild. Amber naming her son Zeek was so pure and sweet. You could see the real connection and love between the characters.


Parenthood is a rare show and it is too bad that it is coming to an end.

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  1. I watched a few episodes of Parenthood when it first started and really liked it! We don’t have cable, so I didn’t even know it was ending. How sad!

  2. Patricia C. says:

    I love Parenthood. I am in the middle of watching the last season on the NBC app. My favorite character is Crosby! I also have a serious crush on Joel, but who doesn’t? 😉 do you like Friday night lights? The same guy directed both shows so i was thinking about watching that next.

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