Education versus Experience

Education vs Experience

Education vs Experience (Photo credit: gtalan)

Does education make a difference?  Does having experience make you a better candidate for a job?  That is my question.  Earlier this year, I decided to take an online course for a certificate as a Medical Administrative Assistant.  I graduated with honors and I even took the national certification test and now certified as a Medical Administrative Assistant.

As soon as I passed my certification test (I am a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant) I started searching and applying for jobs.  Unfortunately, I am having a difficult time finding a job in the medical office/records field.  The job ads usually state “experience required.”  After weeks of applying with no luck, I have come to the conclusion that the education does not even matter with employers.

I am disappointed.  I spent my time and money to learn and graduate with honors and even took the national test to get certified.  Does this mean that my hard work means nothing?

I am not trying to sound like I am whining, I am just disheartened with the fact that employers seem to only consider experience first and then education.  If you do not have experience, you are automatically disqualified.  If you have only one of the two, they will not consider you if you have the education but not the experience.

Perhaps it is just that employers can be picky these days.  Our economy is weak and there are so many people out of work, looking for work and/or returning to college.

Since I am having a hard time finding a job in the medical office field, I do not see a reason to renew my certification when it expires.  I feel like I have wasted money on my education.  Thankfully it wasn’t thousands of dollars, but it was money that I spent and am not seeing a return on.

In the meantime, I am still searching and applying.  I am still feeling lost and searching for some direction.  I always seem to feel lost around this time of year.  At the beginning of summer, I get the feeling that I should be doing something.  I feel like I should return to college for my family, for our future.


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  1. chelesa sims says:

    This has also confused me .People and sometimes the government(pell Grants and etc.) pay big money so that they can eithier get a job or one better but many jobs ask for experienced people . How in the heck can you get experience if you cant get a job.

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