Does mommy brain exist?

Does mommy brain exist?

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I am beginning to think that mommy brain does in fact exist. Perhaps, I am hiding behind that theory because I am getting older. Dementia runs in my family. Also, I am a mom and I truly believe moms are the busiest and hardest working people I know. I was always busy even before I had my son. I take care of everything at home with very little to no help at all from my spouse.

I remember when I was pregnant; I had heard of pregnancy brain and didn’t believe I would experience it. There were a few instances that happened where I forgot things. It was a little embarrassing.

Ever since I have had my smartphone, I use my calendar to stay organized with upcoming appointments, reminders, etc. I use my calendar to remind myself of my son’s school schedule and special events. I love that my calendar is at my fingertips. I also add blog reminders on my email calendar and have it remind me via email.

So, I ask you this… Are you a mom? Do you think mommy brain exists? Do you experience mommy brain?

I scheduled a phone appointment for last Friday and dded it to my calendar on my phone and added it to my email calendar and set up reminders. Friday morning comes around and I completely forgot about the appointment until one of my email reminders showed up in my inbox. That just reminded me that I am so glad that I set up so many reminders and cover so many bases! I really did not want to forget the phone appointment because I have worked with the brand before. Being a blog owner, I consider myself my own boss. I need to be organized and informed.

As a mom, how do you stay organized? I would love to have a beautiful calendar hanging on my wall full of pretty color coded sticky notes and such so that my husband can have access to the calendar. For now, my calendar methods work for me.


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  1. cindy blaj says:

    I set up my smartphone calendar on my husband’s phone too. I can’t make him check it but all the reminders pop up on his phone too.

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