Derma e — One Firmer Face, Coming Right Up!

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Derma e -- One Firmer Face, Coming Right Up!

As women get older, life tends to take a toll on our bodies. Most of us don’t notice it, until we look back at old pictures and are confronted with the changes that come with age.

Derma e -- One Firmer Face, Coming Right Up!Within the last couple of years I’ve noticed that the skin under my eyes has been getting a little thinner and less elastic.

Along with the very faint beginning of crow’s feet around my eyes, this has had me a bit concerned.

I think I’ve aged fairly well. Others tell me I look younger than my age. But, this last year, specifically, has been a tough one. I went back to work, but that didn’t work out. My youngest daughter is entering her teenage years and going through lots of changes, causing some worried thoughts. (Nothing serious, though) And, my family had a huge shock this year that has caused my mother a lot of anguish. All of these things are stressors I could have done without, much less all at one time.

Derma e -- One Firmer Face, Coming Right Up!Derma e is an impressive company. It has been around for about 40 years or so, has a long, impressive award-winning line of products for multiple skin issues, is involved with (and contributes to) charities and other human causes such as Special Olympics, Vitamin Angels, Heal the Bay and The Paraguay Project. In addition, their line of products are 100% vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, packaged for recyclability and produced in a wind-powered facility. The company supports green business practices and is a member of Green America. All of their skin care products utilize vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals to address skin issues.

Derma e boasts natural skincare products for many skin issues, such as: sun and environmental damage, multiple signs of aging, deep wrinkles and crow’s feet, loss of firmness and elasticity (the Firming line I am reviewing here), dry/dehydrated/aging skin, sun damaged skin with uneven tone/spots/dullness, sensitive skin showing signs of aging, fine lines and wronkles/enlarged pores, blemish-prone skin, and skin issues like severe dryness/itching/scaling/scarring/age spots/cracking/spider veins. They even have a line of products for scalp dryness, itching, flaking and irritation.

This company has an extensive social media presence as well as a blog. Check them out at any of the following sites.

Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest | Google+

Derma e -- One Firmer Face, Coming Right Up!



Ready to get started taking the best care of your skin? Start with the Derma e skin evaluation quiz. Answer seven simple questions regarding your skin and you get a customized list of Derma e products that will address your specific skin issues, complete with buttons to add the recommended items to your cart for purchase. Super Easy! And, they don’t just shove one product line down your throat. My evaluation included products from across four of their lines to address my particular skin issues. You can purchase the items you want but are not obligated to add all of the items to your cart. And the cost isn’t out-of-this-world, either. The items in my evaluation ranged from $13.75 – $32.50 per item. And again, you can pick and choose what you want to purchase for your particular skincare needs and pocketbook health.

My Thoughts:

This has been one of the most anticipated and enjoyable product reviews I’ve done. My skin is important to me and I’ve been wanting to try out some products like these for awhile. The Derma e Cleanser and Eye Lift that I was sent to review is effective on ALL skin types and has really effected a positive change in my facial skin. It’s firmer and it feels and looks healthier. And that skin around my eyes that is losing elasticity, while it’s not visibly noticeable I can tell when I run my finger across it — that is getting better, too. I am going to be trying out the Evenly Radiant line of products (a couple of them, anyway) on my own dime (using the purchase discount offer — see below). Really Excited!!!




Wanna chance to check out their products for free. Try your luck at their End Of Summer Detox Kit giveaway. There will be 10 Grand Prize winners and 1000 runner-up winners.

The Grand Prize winners will receive Derma e‘s Purifying Line of products, it looks like. That would be awesome!

Looks like the runners-up will receive some free samples.

I entered! Why not? I like entering giveaways for fun. Sometimes, in the evening while watching TV I will enter giveaways (cuz I like my hands to be occupied, I guess). While, no one wins all the giveaways they enter, I’ve won my share over the last few years – some pretty neat stuff like crafting products, household items, toys (these came in handy as Christmas presents for my own kids as well as nieces and nephews). It only took me about 5 minutes to enter. Fingers crossed, right?

As a bonus to entering the giveaway, you will get a code to receive 15% off and FREE shipping on any order until 8/31/15.

DISCLAIMER: I received the products pictured to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.



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