Day Therapy SPF 30

[DNA + COPPER] Combination Therapy
Day Therapy SPF 30

Day Therapy SPF 30 is a multi-purpose photo protectant that effectively moisturizes skin while shielding it from incidental UV radiation.

An all-inclusive moisturizer which nourishes skin with Copper Peptide Complex and potent antioxidants, repairs with DNA Repair Photolysomes and defends against UVA/UVB damage.

Targets damaged skin with concentrated levels of Copper Peptide Complex, the building block for collagen and elastin, and optimizes moisture restoration. Repairs and removes sun-induced DNA damage and encourages the skin’s DNA repair mechanism to self-correct. 

Broad spectrum UV protection and repair from past UV damage. 

Copper Peptide Complex. Also known as Bis (Tripeptide-1) Copper Acetate, a delivery system that leverages the body’s natural protective carrier to deliver proprietary copper peptides, an essential micronutrient for skin health, directly to the cells for maximum restorative benefit.

Photolysomes. The liposome encapsulated DNA repair enzyme, Photolyase derived from plankton, is hyper-efficient in its defense against high doses of solar UV and unique in its ability to undo DNA damage in cells and prevent cell death caused by UV.

Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate, Octocrylene. Provides broad spectrum UV protection.

Dimethicone. Protects skin from environmental damage while helping to retain moisture.

Squalane. Light, fast-absorbing emollient oil that hydrates and soothes dry skin and assists in cell regeneration.

Apply one metered dose to face and neck every morning after cleansing and treating.

Day Therapy SPF 30 is a lightweight lotion available in 1.7 oz./50mL airless pump            $85.00

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