Curve Black Skinny Jeans by PZI

Curve Black Skinny Jeans by PZI

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I am so thrilled for the opportunity to review for HourGlass Angel again! I love their products as they are high quality and just so pretty! No matter what type of clothing you are looking for, they offer several styles and colors to fit your personality. I love wearing jeans and I only have a few pairs of skinny jeans. I received the Curve Black Skinny Jeans by PZI to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

The Curve Black Black Skinny Jean by PZI is a pair of tight fitting jeans that is specifically designed to celebrate curvy shapes. If you’re a denim lover seeking the all the fun fashionable styles that you see in the stores you may have found that jeans never quite fit the way you want them to.

I received a gorgeous pair of black skinny jeans. Little did I even know that they were voted “World’s Best Jeans” by Oprah Magazine! As soon as I received them, I wanted to try them on to see if they would fit. I am so happy to say that they fit perfectly! While the legs are really long, I can work with that, they are skinny jeans and stay above my ankles. The jeans fit comfortably and slim my legs! I do not have a curvy shape but I can tell that the jeans are stretchy and would accommodate a curvy body. I am also glad there is no gap in the waist, as that is embarrassing when someone can look down your pants and see your panties.

I am very satisfied with the fit overall. My skinny jeans fit like a glove! I am looking forward to wearing my new jeans on casual Fridays at work and on the weekends. My jeans are comfortable enough to wear as lounge pants around the house. I only say that because I normally do not wear jeans at home, unless we are getting ready to go somewhere. When I am at home, I wear pajama bottoms because I love being comfortable in my own home.

I love the color too. Black is always slimming, so my black skinny jeans make me look even slimmer.

Hourglass Angel currently sells 40+ different jean styles online in a range of sizes, colors, washes, and fits in addition to embellished & zippered options.

You can find HourGlassAngel on their website.

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