Costco (Myrtle Beach, SC) Review

Please note: This is a copy of the email message I sent to Costco.

My husband, my son, myself and my in-laws went to Costco in Myrtle Beach, SC on Saturday, October 29th between 12pm-1pm. I enjoy going on the weekends as there are always a ton of samples to try. Unfortunately, one of the ladies passing out the free food was extremely rude to us/my son. Her table had some type of cheese, so I took a sample for myself and for my son. She gave me a mean look when I took two samples and handed one to my son. I happily ate my sample, however my son took a few bites and ended up spitting them out and some pieces fell on the floor. My mother-in-law apologized to the lady as she reached for a broom and dust pan. The lady’s response was uncalled for and rude, especially for someone who works around customers. Her reply was, “Well, he’s just slowing me down.” She also acted like we were getting on her nerves for taking samples.

As a parent of a son with special needs and autism, we are already hesitant to go out in public because we never know when he will have a meltdown, tantrum, etc.  As we were going down each aisle, my son did end up screaming and getting impatient.  When this happens, we try to distract him or remove him from the situation.

When I heard the lady’s uncalled for comment, it really made my blood boil and I could only say to her, “Well, I apologize for my son having special needs!”  I would have said more to her, but I was with my mother-in-law.  I believe this woman needs to adjust her bad attitude, especially since she interacts with your customers!  I also think she needs to be educated on special needs, or at least gain an understanding that people/children who misbehave in public may have a disability/handicap/special needs that you cannot see.  I regret not catching her name, but I can tell you that she was handing out cheese.  Her table was in the back of the store.

Running into a person like this in your store was a huge disappointment.  However, when we arrived to checkout, the cashier and the associate helping to unload and load our cart really made my day!  They were friendly and smiling!

While my husband and I are not members of Costco, we were shopping with my in-laws.  Even my parents are members of Costco.  This was our first time at a Costco on the East Coast and I was impressed with how helpful the front end associates were.  Too bad the lady handing out free sample cheese couldn’t learn to smile.

Disclosure: The following review was based on my own personal experience with the Myrtle Beach, SC  store.  The opinions provided are my own and not influenced by anyone else.  I like to share my experiences with good and bad customer service. 


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