Collection Agency Tactics

Last night, I received the oddest call. It was from a collections agency looking for someone I know. However, I am still unsure of how they connect him with me. We never dated, never married, never applied for credit together. The only connection we had was that we lived on the same street when we were in school.

I called the guy back and he started asking me about him. Of course, I realized that we were talking about the same person, but I found it odd that my name came up in his file. The guy asked me to get in touch with my friend and let him know to call him.

I quickly sent my friend a message on Facebook and texted him about the phone call. He informed me it was regarding a school loan. I was not upset about the call at all. I was just confused as to why the company connected me with him in the first place.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you?

I am truly amazed at collection agency tactics these days. The agent told me that he wanted to avoid sending his file to my friend’s employer.

I guess the collection agency wants to contact my friend’s family and friends to try to scare them into calling them back. I admit, I am no angel and we have collection agencies calling us to but we never answer the phone if we do not know who is calling.


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