Classic Cool Style Boots

Classic Cool Style Boots

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I am normally not a boot wearing gal. For every day wear, I choose sneakers. I am stay at home mom, so I rarely have time to think about fashion. I do like looking nice but I am not able to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I only have a few pairs of boots that are feminine looking. When I think of boots, I usually want something stylish and cute! The Shifter Ballistic are a classic cool style of boots!

I love the color turquoise! I really don’t own any turquoise color clothing, so I am so thrilled for the Shifter Ballistic boots! While the color is categorized as sour blue/white, it looks turquoise to me! I love the color!

Shifter Ballistic above

I was sent the wrong size boots from what I actually ordered, so I was worried they would not fit but thankfully, they are roomy enough! I am thankful that they fit perfectly! I love the contrast of white and turquoise which make the boots really stand out!

The boots are sturdy enough to wear daily and even on rainy days. They kept my feet dry when I stepped in a huge puddle on my way home from the bus stop. While the boots are not made for snow, I can see myself wearing them in the snow.

Shifter Ballistic

Since my boots are white at the bottom, I do my best to keep them clean and looking sharp!

The boots are comfortable and keep my feet supported and cushioned. They are heavy duty and much bigger than I would normally wear but they are perfect for winter time!

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You can find the Shifter Ballistic at Lugz.


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