Clarify & Illuminate Skin Care System

Clarify & Illuminate Skin Care System

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Being a consumer of the NOW Foods brand, I was thrilled when I was asked to review their skin care system.  I love supporting brands that encourage health and wellness.  Eating foods made with quality ingredients makes me feel good that I am fueling my body.  When I keep healthy foods in the house, my family and I are more likely to choose healthy food over not so healthy choices.  I received their Clarify & Illuminate skin care products to review.

About the product:

NEW Clarify & Illuminate, a revolutionary 3-step skin care system that helps transform skin and reduce the visible signs of aging.  The line contains the clinically tested and patented ingredient Mitostime™, a concentrated brown algae extract that has been shown in studies to promote the production of collagen by aging -Fibroblasts, cells that help to maintain the structural integrity of connective tissues, including skin.

I have been using the Clarify & Illuminate Skin Care System for over a week now.  There are three steps in this easy to use set.  As for scent, there is a subtle scent of citrus and clean.  The cleanser is so gentle and effective.  The cleanser rinses quickly and my skin is left feeling soft and moisturized, even after rinsing away.  When I use other cleansers, they tend to irritate the skin around my lips and make then dry and itchy.  I have not had any irritation or dryness around my lips or anywhere else.

The toner is easy to use and applied right after cleansing the face.  I just apply with my fingers and use on my face and neck.

The moisturizer is thick but absorbs quickly into my skin.  The moisturizer feels soft like silk when I apply it on my face.  My face feels soft, smooth and protected.  The overall appearance of my skin looks brighter and even toned.  My fine lines are looking less noticeable.  My face feels moisturized and looks healthy.

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  1. I use “now” essential oils for my diffuser! Love now!

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