Choose To Be Nice

Choose To Be Nice

When I was saw the opportunity to review for Choose To Be Nice, I quickly applied.  I love having a positive outlook on life.  When I think positively and imagine good things, I have noticed that good luck and fortune find its way into our lives.  Both my husband and I keep a positive attitude in our family.  I received a Choose To Be Nice t-shirt to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About Choose To Be Nice:

It is a movement dedicated to inspiring and encouraging kindness.  When we slow down and recognize what is nice in ourselves we influence others to do the same.  Our goal is to build a community of nice people who will share what they do on a daily basis to be nice.

I knew right away that I wanted to own a Choose To Be Nice t-shirt!  My husband and I both believe in the same passion as the owner, Dina. I was given the choice of black or white shirt.  Seeing examples of both shirts, I had a difficult time choosing just one color.  I ultimately chose white!  I chose the medium size and when I received it, I believe medium is in men sizes because the shirt is so big!

I love the simple design of the shirt.  The statement is short and sweet and sends a clear message to anyone and everyone who sees it.  I was asked to wear the shirt for one full day in public.  Since I work full time during the week, I wore my shirt on the weekends when I do my grocery shopping and other errands.

Since I already aim to be positive and nice to everyone I encounter, I did not notice a difference with how people treat me and each other.  When I am out shopping, I am always nice and polite to the cashiers because I used to work in retail.  I know what it’s like, it can be stressful and sometimes there are customers who are just rude or don’t smile.  The city that I live in is full of nice people.  People around here are almost always courteous and polite to each other.

Choose To Be Nice also includes hats, totes, bumper magnets, pajamas, etc. I cannot wait to see the shirts in more colors!  I also want to get a tote bag!

You can find Choose To Be Nice on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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