Children’s Mucinex

Children's Mucinex

Since my son started attending school, he gets sick more often. Now that he is older, I have him on a few vitamins and supplements to boost his immune system and keep him healthy. I received a Children’s Mucinex kit to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

I received Children’s Mucenix, 3 branded mugs, branded blanket and Frozen on DVD.

My son has Autism. We have learned that he will not take liquid medicine. There is also not chance he’ll take a pill or tablet either. When he gets sick, we have to let the cold run its course.

Nowadays, I have my son taking a supplement that helps boost his immune system. So far, when he gets sick, it seems to be short lived!

The week I received the Children’s Mucenix kit, my son was sick. My husband and I spent the evening together taking care of our son. We enjoyed hot tea and hot coffee while watching Frozen on DVD. It was a great excuse to spend some quality time together.

Once our son feels better, we are very ready to send him to school the next day! Again, I keep him healthy with his vitamin and supplement.

I love the blanket. I am taking it to work with me for times when it gets too cold in the office.

You can find more information about Children’s Mucinex on their website, Facebook and Twitter. Click here to grab a $2 coupon!

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