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I never realized how much people rely on their daily routines until we had our son.  My son made me realize how important a routine is.  My son has Autism and thrives on routine.  He loves knowing what to expect.  Doing the same thing each day or each week is what he looks forward to.

When you think about it, people dislike change.  When there is a policy change at work, a new employee or even a new boss starts working there, people take a bit to adapt to the changes.  When there is a change, you have to adapt and let it play out.  Are you open to change?  How do you react to changes in your life?

Even as a stay at home mom, if something changes to where I am unable to do what I normally do each morning, I have to learn to adapt.  I have to rework my day to complete my “to do” list.

My son does like little changes to his routine, such as a ride in the car to go grocery shopping or just to take a drive.  He also loves little surprises to his day, such as going for a walk with me or even walking to Walgreens.

My son has a great memory and knows how to connect things to his life.  For example, he remembers playing in a pool a few summers ago.  This summer, I plan on taking him to our apartment community pool to swim with him.  He does not know how to swim, so I plan on holding him and showing him how to hold on the edge of the pool.  I also hope to get him an inner tube, arm floaties or even a life jacket.  I definitely want to teach him how to kick and paddle in the water.

Have you ever thought about your daily life?  Are you stuck on your routine?  How do you deal with something that gets in the way of what you want to do?


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  1. Samantha Lippard says:

    My family has a routine but we are easily adaptable if we need to change something in our every day lives!

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