It caught me by surprise

This week, something caught me by surprise to where I had to call in sick two days in a row. I got sick and the symptoms were there, but I did not realize it until later. I ended up calling in sick on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Monday and Tuesday, I had a tickle in my throat that made me cough here and there, nothing out of the ordinary. It started out like a cold. Monday and Tuesday, my body temperature would get really hot for only a few minutes throughout the day as well. I did not think anything of my symptoms.

On Wednesday, I woke up with a really bad sore throat. I ended up calling in sick because my body felt really sore and full of aches all over. It turned out that I slept all day. I stayed in bed from about 8:30 am until 3:30 pm or so. When pulled the covers over my body, I was still cold and then I would get really hot and have to remove the covers for a few minutes and then cover my body with the covers again. When I finally got up, I looked up my symptoms and realized that I had the flu, not the common cold.

Have you ever had the flu before? This is my first time experiencing the flu. It really kicked my butt.

On Thursday, I was feeling much better but still called in sick. I was still feeling sore all over. I ended up getting breakfast with my husband on the way home from dropping our son off at school. We went to Subway and I ended up getting a six inch breakfast sub. I wanted to eat (for the protein and vegetables) since I barely ate the day before.

It is Friday and I am back at work. I am feeling much better, but I can tell that I feel a little loopy. I can tell that I am not as sharp as I normally am. I am just glad I am back at work. I love my work and the people I work with. I really feel like I have my dream job!


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  1. ((((HUGS))) to you! It’s a rotten feeling, isn’t it? The last time I had the flu I had a 4 month old infant to take care of, with no help at all. OMG! The fever, the pain, the throat….! I feel for you, and glad that you’re felling better. You won’t feel 100% better for a week or so, though.

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