Baby Daddy Cast Interview Plus Baby Shower #BabyDaddy

Now that Riley and Danny are pregnant, how will this change their lives? What’s new with Tucker’s new job? We have an exclusive interview for more insight. Post sponsored by Disney. All opinions are my own.

Baby Daddy Cast Interview Plus Baby Shower

Photo Credit: Disney/Freeform Todd Wawrychuk

I admit, during the first season of Baby Daddy, I didn’t think the show would last. The name of the show didn’t stick, I think it initially rubbed me the wrong way. Still, I gave the show a chance and I’m glad I did! I love romance and comedy! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the characters and humor when it first premiered and I still do! Now, Baby Daddy is one of my favorite shows!

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First Look At Tangled: Before Ever After And Interview #TangledTheSeries

What happens before and after the fairy tale ending? Take a peek at Tangled and an exclusive interview. Post sponsored by Disney. All opinions are my own.

Sneak Peek At Tangled Before Ever After And Interview #TangledTheSeries

All photos courtesy of Disney

We are all familiar with the “Happily Ever After” ending of our favorite fairy tales. Now, the story continues for Rapunzel and Eugene goes past that in Tangled: Before Ever After in the new Tangled: The Series!

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Nifty Products For Your Home

Nifty Products For Your Home - Capresso Stainless Steel Espresso & Cappuccino Machine, Frieling Fresh Solutions Teapot with Infuser Basket, Frieling Black Cube Hybrid Stainless/Nonstick Cookware Fry Pan 11-Inch, NOW Solutions Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser and Seasonal Changes Balancing Essential Oils Kit

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I love stuff that makes my life easier and greatly enjoy products that make my household run more efficiently. I’m really excited to share some companies and products that have become huge assets in my home and can hopefully be for you, too!… [read more]

Family Friendly Entertainment from Lionsgate Films

Family Friendly Entertainment from Lionsgate Films - DVD- Air Bound from Lionsgate Films

Lionsgate Entertainment, Inc.
Rating: PG for action/peril
Genre: Family
Feature Run Time: 94 minutes
DVD Format: 16×9 Widescreen (2.35:1)
DVD Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio

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Lionsgate Entertainment is a name I’m hearing more and more when it comes to home entertainment. Recent offerings from Lionsgate include The Shack, John Wick 2, Shaun the Sheep The Movie, A Madea Christmas, Mockingjay, The Age of Adaline … so many great movies ranging from inspirational to drama, comedy, and animated.

You know with a Lionsgate film, you’re in for a good time. Most recently, my children and I watched Air Bound. It’s a cute movie about some city mice who are tired of the daily humdrum of their lives and want a little adventure. They get an adventure for sure when they meet some new friends who need help saving their family from a bunch of super-villain weasels…. [read more]

Get More from Your Cleansing Routine

Get more from your cleansing routine 

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Growing up I never gave too much thought to the type of cleanser I used on my face. As long as my face was clean I was happy. However, as I got older I realized I needed more than clean skin. I wanted a product that refreshed, hydrated, and treated my skin to some beneficial ingredients.  I now have it all with Snowberry Gentle Cleanse & Tone and Instant Deep Cleanser.


Founded in New Zealand, Snowberry is all about creating premium natural anti-aging skincare. Their products are designed to combat the effects of free radicals, dehydration, and discoloration, just to name of a few. Perhaps this is why they won the 2011 Discover Beauty Award at Cosmoprof USA.

One of my favorite aspects of the Snowberry skincare line is the fact their products are free of parabens, fragrance, artificial colors, alcohols, or petrochemicals. Every product is also dermatologist tested, but not tested on animals. Snowberry is also the first skincare company in New Zealand to receive the carboNZeroCert™ certification. This means they have a low carbon footprint and strive to be a more environmentally sustainable company.

After reading about Snowberry, I was excited to try their Gentle Cleanse & Tone and Instant Deep Cleanser.

Snowberry Gentle Cleanse & Toner

When you have sensitive, dry skin like I do, you want a cleanser that is gentle and doesn’t strip your skin of moisture. The Gentle Cleanse & Tone does exactly what its name says, cleanses and tones.

This is thanks to ingredients like:

  • Plant saponins from the nut of the soap tree
  • Kiwi fruit, kumquat and green pea protein extracts
  • Naturally humectant vegetable glycerin, vitamin E and oil from the Andiroba tree nut

Snowberry Gentle Remineralising Toner Swatch

Each time I use the Gentle Cleanse & Tone my skin always feels hydrated, replenished, and nice and smooth. I never have to worry about any skin irritation or that dry, tight sensation some cleansers cause.


Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser

I also tested out the Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser. Known as “the supernatural cleanser and makeup remover,” by Snowberry insiders, this cleanser uses highly concentrated oils to cleanse and re-hydrate skin.

The cleanser features a blend of:

  • Macadamia nut oil
  • Indian neem oil
  • Inca Inchi oil
  • Lingonberry oil
  • Coenzyme Q10

Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser Swatch

Even though the Instant Deep Cleanser is formulated with oils, it can be used on all skin types. It worked well on my dry skin. I only need a few pumps to remove all my makeup and get my skin nice and clean. But what I love most is how my skin feels after I use the product; soft and smooth. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes, which is especially nice when I need to remove my eye makeup.

After using the Snowberry Gentle Cleanse & Tone and the Instant Deep Cleanser, my skin is getting more from my cleansing routine. It no longer feels stripped of moisture or dulled after cleansing. Instead, my skin is soft and smooth and has a nice healthy glow.


Connect with Snowberry:  Facebook | Twitter Instagram |


Have you tried Snowberry products? What are your most important cleansing needs?











5 Reasons You Should Watch Moana

5 Reasons You Should Watch Moana

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I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Moana. We have always been the family that waits until movies come out on cable or Netflix to watch. Our son has Autism. Going to a movie theater would not be as fun because we would be focused on watching him and keeping him entertained.

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Head Turning Beauty Routine

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Did you watch the Oscars? Are you curious of how they always look so good and well put together? I wanted to let you know of a few products that I use that literally made my husband take a second look at me, and ask what I have been doing different.

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Disney Moana

Disney's Moana

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The beautiful Moana is sweeping the nation with her beauty, heart, and determination to save her people.  I was lucky enough to be given a copy to review and I must tell you it’s one of the best Disney movies I have seen in a very long time! The music from the movie is beautifully written and extremely catchy.

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Indulge Your Skin And Invigorate Your Senses

Indulge Your Skin And Invigorate Your Senses

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I’ve never been one to jump on the scrub band wagon, but when I heard about a natural coffee skin line, I just had to check these out! My skin is crazy sensitive and majority of the time scrubs just irritate my skin or completely break me out. I had high hopes when I did a little research on the Beverly the 5th coffee scrubs before testing them out.

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Stay Healthy While Enjoying Tea

Stay Healthy While Enjoying Tea! - Inca TeaBeauty Brite Disclosure

Do you enjoy drinking tea? Or are you a regular coffee drinker? I personally drink only tea and prefer non-caffeinated, if available. Other people, for example my mom, are huge coffee drinkers though Mom does love a cup of hot tea when she comes to visit me.

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