Organize Your Bath Time Routine

Organize Your Bath Time Routine - ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System Facial Brush and ToiletTree Adjustable Bamboo Bath Caddy

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I’m the worst when it comes to dragging various items into the bath tub. I take everything in there: a drink, my cell phone, a candle, various facial scrubs/shower gels, bath sponge, razor, pumice stone, and usually a book or magazine for starters. Sometimes I even take snacks to munch on if I’m planning on reading and soaking for awhile before bathing.

The sides of my tub (even though it’s a large garden tub) can get pretty crowded if I’m not careful and I hate it when it looks cluttered. I’ve been wanting to add a bath caddy to my tub for a while but had been having trouble finding one I thought would work well. I found an Adjustable Bamboo Bath Caddy from ToiletTree™ that looked like it might be just the one for me. I’m also using a Professional Skincare System – Facial Brush Set from the same company and wanted to share my thoughts with our readers…. [read more]

Spring Gardening In Stylish Comfort

Spring Gardening in Stylish Comfort - Clarks® Shoes

Image Credit: Clarks® Shoes


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Spring is here and that means it’s time to dig those gardening supplies out and get to work. It takes a little bit of prep time to clear out the weeds and till winter-settled soil in preparation for planting your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. My husband and I like to plant tomatoes, a variety of bell peppers, cucumbers (I use these in salads and for pickling), and strawberries (for shortcake desserts and jam, yum). Sometimes we try other stuff like green beans or yellow wax beans, cantaloupe, squash, or different varieties of hot peppers. Whatever tickles our fancy while perusing the local home and garden stores.

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SoapBox: Hair Care That Lends A Helping Hand

SoapBox: Hair Care That Lends A Helping Hand

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When it comes to the beautifying process, a lot can be involved. Makeup, skincare, fashion…those are all key players in the stylish persona that is you. However, the products on your face and body aren’t necessarily more important than what’s on your head! If your hair is happy, you might not need much else–and SoapBox understands that. With shampoos and conditioners that come in a variety of scents–and come in gigantic bottles, so that your family will have a surplus of product (as opposed to the ever-looming hazard of running out mid-shower)–SoapBox is ready to make your hair regimen a positive one, instead of a chore!

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You Can Never Have Too Many Tote Bags

You Can Never Have Too Many Tote Bags - Kennedy Tote from RuMe

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I love tote bags. They can be useful in so many ways. I’ve taken tote bags on car trips, to the beach, to family get-togethers, and while shopping. I use them around the house, too, mostly to organize crochet or knit projects that I’m currently working on so they don’t get jumbled up together. I have tote bags from everywhere — mass retailers, conventions and other social events, souvenir shops, and grocery stores to name a few. I even have a couple of totes that are monogrammed with my initials.

My most recent tote bag acquisition is the Kennedy Tote from RuMe®. As tote bags go it’s not only beautifully designed but it is also incredibly sturdy and has extra long handles which I think is one of my favorite features. Some of my totes are so cute but the shorter handles can make it difficult to carry them over my shoulder when I’m headed out the door with both arms stuffed full of items I need while away from home…. [read more]

Affordable Luxury For The Sweetest Dreams Ever

Affordable Luxury For The Sweetest Dreams Ever - PeachSkinSheets

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Finding sheets that I love can be a challenge. My husband is always cold and would probably sleep with flannel sheets year round, along with the heated blanket he insists I keep on the bed at all times (thank goodness it has separate controls for each side so he can have it on but I can keep my side turned off). I get hot when I sleep and often push the covers off so I can be more comfortable.

I prefer lighter sheets and softness is a must! Also, trying to find a material that won’t catch on dry skin, wrinkle easily, or get all pilly is definitely a plus. What I love about PeachSkinSheets is that they meet all of these specifications and they are really beautiful, too!

They wash up like a dream, go on the mattress without feeling like I’m getting a workout, and fit great. We have a fairly thick mattress with a mattress topper laying on top of it for comfort. Even deep pocket sheets can be a challenge to wrap around and under the edges adequately without a struggle. From start to finish I had this set of PeachSkinSheets on the bed (including pillow cases) in less than two minutes. And I wasn’t cussing my bed afterward!… [read more]

This Is No Ordinary Sugar Cookie

This Is No Ordinary Sugar Cookie-The Kiwi Importer Heilala Vanilla Starter Kit

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Cooking and baking are two things that I like to do with my free time. Whenever I get the chance and have a little inspiration I like to try new recipes either that I’ve found in a magazine, online, or in a cookbook.

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Better Skin From Within

Better Skin From Within -- GLOW by Nature Made - Skin Moisture dietary supplements, GLOW by Nature Made - Skin Moisture + Sleep dietary supplements, GLOW by Nature Made - Skin Moisture + Hair and Skin dietary supplements

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Complimentary GLOW by Nature Made® – Skin Moisture supplements were provided by Pharmavite to facilitate review. No other affiliation with Pharmavite beyond the scope of this blog post should be construed.


I wouldn’t say my beauty routine is something that is on my mind a lot, but I am always interested in finding new ways to try to support healthy skin since that’s something I do notice daily. My hands, in particular, tend to feel dry often from the cleaners I use and the fact that I wash my hands a lot in between different tasks. Recently, I’ve been using GLOW by Nature Made® – Skin Moisture supplements daily to try to help my skin stay moisturized from the inside out.†

Nature Made® is a company that I already trust and have used for years, so I am really excited about this new line of skin moisture products. There are three products available in this line: GLOW by Nature Made® – Skin Moisture, GLOW by Nature Made® – Skin Moisture + Sleep, and GLOW by Nature Made® – Skin Moisture + Hair and Nails…. [read more]

Keeping Her Memory Alive

Keeping Her Memory Alive - Isabella Grace Bloom Necklace

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I’m always looking for ways to keep her memory alive. My beautiful mother passed away in 2009. It was very unexpected and left me with an angel now watching over me and my beautiful children.

My mother was my very best friend, I knew I could count on her for anything and that she would support me no matter what. God for sure gained an amazing lady when he chose her as one of his angels. So naturally Mother’s Day is very hard for me, but I’ve found something I think will be a wonderful keepsake not only for me to keep her memory alive but to eventually pass down to my children as well…. [read more]

Stylish Way To Keep Track Of Your Keys

Stylish Way To Keep Track Of Your Keys - Finders Key Purse

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I am forever losing my keys inside my handbag. There’s nothing I hate more in this world than having an armload full of stuff when I walk out the door and having to stop and put all of it down to dig through my purse to find my stupid car keys. So … annoying!!!

Alexx, Inc. has given me the perfect fix for this problem with their Finders Key Purse®. It’s an ingenious idea for busy moms or anyone else who is always on the go, go, go and doesn’t have time to search for keys all the time.

What I love best about this product is that it hits three “key” points that are very important to me when looking for an item to meet a need in my life. They are fashionable, functional, and most of all affordable. Trust me, once you try one of these handy little doo-hickeys, you will wonder how you ever functioned without it!… [read more]

Treat Your Skin To Luxurious and Cruelty-Free Skincare

Treat Your Skin To Luxurious and Cruelty-Free Skincare -- TwinMedix

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Transparency is the new trend; throughout modern society, people are endeavoring to learn more about what they’re eating, what they’re wearing (did you know that, according to a recent mindbodygreen article, one fast-fashion T-shirt “uses 700 gallons of water” to be made?!), and where their trash is going (check out The Story of Stuff for more on that subject). The beauty world is also following this trend by heading down the vegan and cruelty-free road. While “vegan” does not necessarily mean perfect, its “cruelty-free” partner is usually the tagline that actually sells me on a product.

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