Caress Fresh Collection #CaressMe

Caress Fresh Collection #CaressMe

When I was asked to be a part of the #CaressMe project, I was so honored and quickly accepted! I love the Caress brand. I received Caress products to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

My mom always bought Caress soap when we were growing up, which meant our entire family used it. Back then, they only had one scent and it came in a pink box. Nowadays, Caress offers so many more scents!

For the #CaressMe opportunity, I received three of their newest body washes and one bar of their soap. I received Aqua Sparkle, Juice Escape and Emerald Rush body washes and Emerald Rush soap!

I love body wash. I love each of the newest scents! My favorite is emerald rush!

Since all three scents are floral and fruity, I told my husband he did not have to use any of the body washes. He already has a body wash that he uses. As for me, I love using the body washes in the shower. When I use a body wash, I feel like I am treating my skin to additional pampering and added scent. I love that the body wash freshens up our bathroom as well as my skin!

I decided to use my least favorite scent first. I guess I am the type to save my favorite scent for last. For now, I am using Juicy Escape! The body is bright yellow and I love looking at it as it brightens my outlook instantly. When I smell the fragrance, I am reminded of freshness.

The body wash lathers up rather nicely! I don’t have a body poof, so I just use my hands or a hand towel. My skin can get dry, so using the body wash is a great way for me to keep my skin looking and feeling hydrated. Plus, it makes putting on lotion even easier as my skin is already clean and the lotion just absorbs quickly.

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