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Capri Vince Camuto
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Give yourself the Capri Sea Glow all day long and anywhere you want to go.  I recently tried the Bella by Vince Camuto that had many fruity and floral under-notes to give you a feel in a meadow of flowers.  My mom loves the Bella fragrance so much that she took it from me!  While I do enjoy Bella, I adore Capri so much more.  The Capri Vince Camuto has a mixture of sweet and clean scent all at the same time.

The Vince Camuto has many bottles and they are all beautiful when you look at them.  The Capri is a citrus blend that gives you a fresh scent.  The undertones of the fragrance include peach and the musk that stay with you all day long.  For me, I can wear this perfume any day of the week.  It makes me feel like I am beautiful and I feel that it is great for women of all ages to wear.

The top notes for the Capri Vince Camuto are citrus and for some people this is the most important ingredient you will smell in this perfume.  The middle notes that you are smelling are the peach blossom and violet flowers.  I love the smell of the peach blossoms in the scent and can definitely pick them out.  The bass notes for the fragrance are musk, which I love and the vanilla which ties everything together.

Capri Vince

With many other fragrances, it is common that you have a faint lingering smell by the time you go home at the end of the long day.  I sprayed my jacket more than four days ago and it is still smelling amazing with all the peach blossoms and musk.  This jacket that I have in the truck is my go to jacket whenever I am out and about.  So I know that I am going to be smelling good even when I am not prepared and that is a wonderful thing.

I am going to start reserving this Capri Vince Camuto for my date nights with the girls and when I go out for date night with Nathan.  So be sure to pick up your very own bottle out at your nearest retailer.

You can find them at the following below and other major perfume department stores.

ULTA ● Vince Camuto website ● Macy’s ●  Lord & Taylor

So my question to you is, what is your favorite scent or fragrance?

So what fun stuff is going on with Vince Camuto Social Media?

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  2. That sounds like the perfect spring/summer fragrances!

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