Calimojos Flip Flops

Calimojos Flip Flops

When I received the pitch to review Calimojos Flip Flops, I hesitated for a second because I really don’t get pedicures. First, I don’t have the need/want to and second I really don’t want to spend the money. Pedicures like a beautiful treat and added expense and I prefer to treat myself other ways. Don’t get me wrong, I love treating myself to at-home spa time! Although, I could not turn down a cute pair of flip flops. I received a pair of Calimojos to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

CaliMojos, sun activated color-changing flip-flops.

Indoors, the sandal straps are opaque and understated. But, step outside and they instantly intensify with bold beautiful color to add some pop to your pedicure.

I chose to receive the blue pair of flip flops. I love light shades of blue! My blue flip flops have the tropical design. I also love the little jewel on the straps. I can always use a little bling to my flip flops!

Not only am I excited to have a new pair of flip flops, but the Calimojos change color in the sun! The weather has been too cold to wear flip flops, so I put my new flip flops by the window for the sun to shine on them. The white straps change color to blue!

While I do not get pedicures, I love letting my toes breathe. I go barefoot when I am at home. My son also knows to take his shoes off when he gets home. I like to be barefoot as much as possible. Flip flops and sandals are my favorite option when the weather gets warmer!

My new flip flops will come in handy for the summer time and when we go on vacation. I prefer to wear slip on shoes when we are on the road.

You can find Calimojos on their website.

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