Bring The Coffee Bar Home

Bring The Coffee Bar Home

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My husband and I love our coffee! My husband has always been a coffee drinker long before we started dating. I only preferred iced coffee for the longest time. When we were dating, we even had a few coffee dates. It was nice to enjoy a cup of coffee and some quiet time. As parents, we rarely experience those quiet moments.

These days, we still love our coffee. We also enjoy our specialty (read: expensive) coffee drinks. While we cannot afford to enjoy the over priced coffee as often as we would like, we wanted a more affordable solution!

 Ninja Coffee Bar pieces

Meet the Ninja Coffee Bar!

Ninja Coffee Bar machine

The Ninja Coffee Bar is easy to assemble and set up. I was amazed at how lightweight the entire product is. You can see what we received along with our Ninja Coffee Bar. It includes a Ninja Glass Carafe, Ninja Hot & Cold Tumbler, measuring scoop, recipe book and Ninja Easy Frother. Compared to our other coffee maker, we are amazed at what it can do for us! My husband and I can create our own coffee creation.

Ninja Coffee Bar recipe book

We also have a recipe book to try many more coffee drinks, treats and eats! There is a recipe for brownies, which I plan on to make! I am not much of a baker, but it is definitely worth a try!

Ninja Coffee Bar buttons

As you can see, there are several options as to what you can create! All you have to do is press a few buttons to choose your brew! We have saved so much money since we’ve had our Ninja Coffee Bar.

When I am craving a specialty coffee drink, I can easily make my own! Otherwise, I can try a new recipe! I no longer need to purchase a coffee drink for $5 or more! I can create my own treat in the comfort of my own home.

As a busy mom, wife and blogger, I am always drinking my coffee throughout the day! When I need a boost of energy to work or when I need a hot beverage, I turn to my Ninja Coffee Bar to create a beautiful coffee drink!

You can find Ninja Coffee Bar on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase the Ninja Coffee Bar on Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart.


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