Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Brush

Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Brush

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I have long hair, mainly because I have not had the time to get my haircut. I prefer my hair short. Whether my hair is short or long, I still need to brush my hair in the morning and evening to keep it from getting tangled up. I remember when I was growing up, I hated brushing my hair and my mom always had to remind me. I received a sample of Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Brush to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

To commemorate their commitment to the fight against Breast Cancer, JDB proudly introduces the limited edition version of their best-selling detangler, The 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Brush.

This brush not only combats tangles, but also helps support the battle against Breast Cancer. Take comfort in knowing that every purchase goes towards supporting lifesaving research, providing valuable services to breast cancer sufferers, and creating awareness around this surmountable obstacle.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Brush is not the first product I have tried from The Wet Brush. Previously, I have reviewed their other brushes! With long hair, gentle brushes come in handy. The Wet Brush products are designed with Intelli-flex bristles that are very gentle on my hair. Intelli-flex bristles are ultra-thin and flexible, yet still have rapid recovery memory. I can use it on wet or dry hair! I love have The Wet Brush for my bathroom vanity, in my purse, at work or when we travel. The brush helps save money because I do not need a comb, I can replace a comb and brush with The Wet Brush. Because the bristles don’t pull or put up a fight, even the finest, thinnest hair can be tangle-free without damage. What’s more, the gentle ball tip bristles provide a massaging action that stimulates circulation at the follicle, a proven benefit for hair health.

I can never have too many brushes. My husband and I both use The Wet Brush products. I have a compact brush that I keep with me at work as it has a mirror with. I also have a mini brush that I use. Now that I have the Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Brush, I plan on keeping that for daily use and travel if needed. The Wet Brush products are also gentle enough to use to brush my son’s hair too.

The Wet Brush products come in many colors to choose from. So far, I have yellow, blue, and pink!

The Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Brush retails for $14 and is available at Kohls.

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