Boyfriend Material

Boyfriend Material

Being in more than a few long term relationships I can let you know from experience when you know you know.  Finding the one person you know you want to be with forever is a wonderful feeling.

During high school I was dating a guy, he was the star football player and 2 grades above me.  I just knew it was love!

He was a bit on the wild side and I think that is one of the things that attracted me to him, his “bad boy side” (we all have either had/or still have a thing for “bad boys”).   He received a scholarship to play college football and I was still stuck in high school at our hometown.

Of course I made the 4 hour drive to see him on the weekends when I could and we made things work for a while. After he came back we lived together for a while and then we broke up.  He couldn’t bear living in the same town and up and left and moved to California.


While he was gone, it took me time to get over him but I eventually about a year later started dating someone new. We dating for almost 4 years and bought a house together.  This relationship started as just hanging with the same group being friends… I think we just kinda became a little more than friends but then it ended with almost the last year and a half of our relationship as just friends.

Its strange … with both of these guys I knew I loved them but I didn’t feel the love deep down that I have found now. Its something I never knew existed until I found it and I was always afraid to not except what I had thinking that this is as good as it gets… boy was I wrong.

To Be Continued…….


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