Boyfriend Material Part 2

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I can remember the very first time I saw my FH (future husband). I worked at a Credit Union about 30 minutes from the small town that I lived in and he was a member at that credit union. I worked the drive-thru and the very first time he came to the window to deposit some money I thought “OMG who is this” haha… and of course I had access to his bank info so I really thought “who is this” LOL Just kidding!!

But he was so cute and I actually got so nervous after I started waiting on him that I told one of the other tellers I had to use the restroom and she finished his transaction. He became known to all of us at work as the “cute boy that drives the black truck with the green sticker on the back.”

A few months went by I would wait on him but it seemed as if we were both too shy to say anything other than what was pertaining to his transaction.

I was in the process of buying a house with my current boyfriend, and one day one of the girls at work told me that her X husband had called her and said a guy he worked with at the fire department wanted to know if I was single.

She told him I was buying a house with my boyfriend.

She said she didnt know the guy’s name but thought it was ….( i cant remember) After trying to figure out who it may of been we pin pointed it down to this one guy that was not attractive and seemed to come by everyday. We all just knew that was the guy that was asking about me so I always kept it short and simple with him from then on out.

To Be Continued ….

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