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Feel the Passion


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Feel the Passion
By Marsha Casper Cook

About the book:

Why would a woman who had everything find herself in another man’s bed pretending to be someone she is not? Usually that kind of behavior is not about love, lust or necessity. It’s about unhappiness and uncertainty. Elaine Lewis is that woman. She appeared to have the ideal life, with wonderful friends and a very busy social calendar. Most importantly she had the perfect husband and was the envy of all her friends. Just because money isn’t a problem doesn’t mean your past mistakes can go unnoticed. Not unless you plan to look forward and never look back. If we are truthful to ourselves we know we can make it happen – does Elaine recall her past and begin her future? After you read this book e- mail the author and tell her if you think Elaine does the right thing.

My Review:

First, I want to mention that this is the first Chick Lit book I have read.  Before reading this book, I had no idea what the genre really meant.  When I started reading this book, I wasn’t sure what was going on with Elaine.  I had a feeling that she was suffering from depression or just didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin.  I really enjoyed reading Feel the Passion but I didn’t care for Elaine.  I am trying to understand the reasoning for her actions and for the choices she made.  Feel the Passion is about Elaine and Martin and their journey through Elaine finding her way and finding answers.  Elaine is married to Martin, who happens to be the sweetest and most caring husband.  He loves Elaine to the ends of the Earth but she can’t show him the same love back.  She makes choices that I completely disagree with and can’t understand her reasoning.  Elaine seems to be searching for answers to her past that will help her move forward in her future.  She seems stuck in the past and that holds her back in her marriage.

Despite her faults and her past, he loves her no matter what.  She doesn’t always show the same courtesy towards him.  She is cold and distant towards him and he puts up with her.  Elaine does not deserve Martin, yet he sticks by her.

Elaine did make a few good choices at the end.  I think she made the right choices.  After dealing with her past and the issues holding her back, she broke out of her shell and faced her future.

Feel the Passion is full of drama and real life issues.  I could really relate to the characters, even though at times I didn’t understand their intentions.

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