Bones Marathon

I am a fan of the TV show, Bones. For awhile, I have not been able to keep up with the show since we had to cancel cable for a few years. Other times, we did not have a television. Now that we have Netflix, I decided to get caught up on the show.

This past weekend, I started watching the show around the season I thought I last watched the show. It has been really nice to watch a television show that is one of my favorites.

I remember when I was in Fourth Grade; I wanted to be an archeologist. We were studying history and going over a chapter where they discovered ancient artifacts. It sounded like a really interesting job to dig for artifacts. I think that in another life, I would have been an archeologist!

Have you ever thought about what you would be doing in another life? I have also thought about being in other careers if my life went down a different path. I am currently interested in studying psychology. I would love to return to college but being a full time working mom and being a mom makes it very difficult to find the time to devote to college.

I am currently thinking about taking a class to learn American Sign Language. Our son has Autism, communication is difficult, so we use sign language with him.

I love the characters on the show, Bones. They are so unique and they all fascinate me. They all work as a team and help each other out. It reminds me of my own job. My co-workers and I help each other out.


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  1. Oh my gosh I love Bones!!!

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