BluApple keeps fresh foods fresh

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BluApple keeps fresh foods fresh

About BluApple:

Using BluApple keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer.  It absorbs ethylene gas which causes produce to over ripen. 

I received BluApple from the company for the purposes of this review.  I love eating healthy.  I like to keep healthy foods in the house so it reminds me to snack healthy and add veggies to my meals.  Having fruit for a snack is so refreshing and it doesn’t make me crash like sugary snacks would.

When I received BluApple, I could not wait to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies!  I have bananas and spinach salad for now.  But I will continue to buy fruits and veggies every week now that I have BluApple to keep my foods fresh longer!

BluApple is easy to use; I just added it to my crisper, along with my fruits and veggies.  I also have a bowl of fruit on our table, so I have one sitting in the bowl with the fruit.

I am so excited that BluApple will help save our household money.  Nothing bothers me more than having to discard over ripe fruit and veggies.  If I am unable to eat the fruit quickly enough, I freeze it and add it to smoothies.  If my veggies are close to going bad, I will steam them up and use them throughout the week.  When I eat fruits and veggies, I feel better and I love having fresh foods on hand.

Before BluApple, I would choose frozen foods over fresh because I was always afraid of wasting food.  We have a small budget, so every little bit helps.

BluApple is organic and may be opened and safely added to my houseplants!  I especially love that aspect.  My houseplants can always use fertilizer.

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You can find BluApple on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. anita leibert says:

    The BluApple sounds like a very wonderful product! It’s amazing how this works to keep foods from going bad so quickly. My family would certainly benefit from this product.

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